Automated Email

Get in touch with your buyers, increase your open rates and increase your reviews !!!

Automated Emails

Get in touch with your buyers for a great customer service and increase reviews.


It's All About Timing

Use our conditional triggering system to deliver the right message at the right time, and increase costumer engagement


Be Personal

Use our dynamic variables to make your messages more personal, and let each customer feel like a VIP


Always Improve

Continuously monitor your email performance, track open rates and perform AB testing, so you can always improve your costumer care


Positive Feedbacks




Returning Customers


Positive Feedbacks




Returning Customers

At the heart of things

At the heart of your Amazon store lies the most important aspect, the one thing you absolutely can’t do without – your customers!

And your most important resource is your buyer’s reviews.

Emails are still the best way to get reviews, it just works!

Add a personal touch

There is nothing more annoying then receiving spammed unelevated emails.

Don’t be annoying!

Use our many template configuration options to make sure you target only the appropriate buyers and create an accurate, pleasant and relevant customer service interaction.

Know if they read or if you spammed

Open rate counter and AB testing options. We would like for you to have the best open rates and conversion rates! Using our AB testing you can configure different versions of subject and texts and our conversion rate counter will help you establish what works better for YOUR customers.

Review request Automation

Automatically send a Review Request email on behalf of Amazon using their brand new “Selling partner API” (BETA).

One of the most common reasons for Amazon to impose a seller with an email restrictions is deviations from Amazon’s TOS when requesting a review.

To make sure you are safe the automated request is sent using a predefined text aligned with Amazon’s TOS.

The best of both worlds

You don’t have to choose between sending a review request over custom emails and the automated review request.

You can combine custom emails and\or add a review request automation.

Keep that peroneal note on your behalf, maintain a relationship with your buyers and send a Review Request email on behalf of Amazon.

*The Automated request can also be used in case of email restrictions.

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